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TikToker Shows Off The Pre-First-Date Google Form Her Now-Boyfriend Sent Her

First dates are like a box of chocolates — you never know what you’re going to get.

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A TikToker went viral after showing how her boyfriend asked her to fill out a Google form on their first date.


It seems her fella, Graham, asked her to fill out an extremely detailed Google form before their date. It gave her activity choices — things like skating and hot chocolate or going to the beach with ice cream — and food options, plus how fancy the clothes would be!

The first hunk of the form showed a greeting from Graham.


“You have agreed to go on a date with Graham. Congratulations! He promises a good time with your preferences in mind.”


It then asked her whether she’d be attending or wouldn’t be able to make it.


Then he gave several options and left space for suggestions.


I’ll admit: at first blush, I thought this was going to be a total eye-roll of a story about a guy who’s a bit of a turd… but this is kind of great.

The TikTok got over 1M likes and people love Graham’s creativity.

He asked her what kind of food she likes, gives her a few options, and also a line for suggestions. She ticked them all because she isn’t picky and “not very good at picking food.”


The TikToker also shared that the date was lovely and (obviously) they hit it off; Graham is her guy now!

And if you’re wondering if she received an exit interview? Oh yes, yes she did.


He started the interview by stating: “In the interest of professionalism and giving dating the structure and administrative bureaucracy it has always deserved, Graham has requested you to fill out this optional exit survey.”

Then the form asked Maytheeleven to rate Graham’s performance from awkward to charming; she tells us she picked a 4 because first dates are always pretty awkward. Graham also listed out symptoms she may have experienced during the date — pretty exhaustively too!

Now Graham and Maytheeleven are in a long-distance relationship, happy as can be! Pretty cute.

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