Grandmother’s Morbid Birthday Wish Is Cracking People Up On TikTok

TikToker Mal Coles of Exeter, Devon caught his grandmother making a morbid wish on video and shared the birthday moment on TikTok.

Coles, who goes by username @malijayc, wrote, “We wasn’t expecting this at all [sic].”

The clip has amassed over 5.3 million views. In it, an old woman holds a pink birthday cupcake. Her wish as she blew out the candle?

TikTok / malijayc

I wish I was dead.

Her relatives burst into laughter as the granny starts on her cupcake.

One woman says, “Oh my god!” And other exclaims, “I was just about to cheer!”

TikTokers also cracked up at the very frank grandmother. One commented, “Amazing! Reminds me of when my granny announced at her 96th birthday party, ‘Thank you all for coming, hopefully, this will be my last’.”

Another pointed out that because the grandmother said the wish aloud, it wouldn’t come true. “You guys got it wrong! She’s actually a genius because if you say the wish out-loud it doesn’t come true! So now she’s deffo going to live another year!”