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Grandma Drops Baby Like Hot Potato To Save Glass Of Wine, As She Should

There is a great divide between parents and childless people on the Internet, but for the most part, they manage to avoid each other in their different Facebook groups and separate Twitter algorithms. Only rarely does one piece of content break through the barriers and give these groups a meeting place. And when they get there, they tear each other apart.

This time, it’s a video shared by Twitter user @CulturedRiffian posted, which they captioned, “When you finally become an adult and have your priorities straight.”

In the very short clip, a grandma holds up a baby who is gently exploring their world by reaching out and grabbing a full wine flute on the table. As grandma realizes the baby is about to tip the glass over she makes a split-second decision and drops that baby right on its butt, saving the precious alcohol:

The baby seems to be fine, as far as anyone can tell. It’s not that far to the ground and most new walkers tip over dozens of times a day. The betrayal, however, will last in that baby’s subconscious forever. 

It’s possible that not everyone who loved this video has no kids of their own, but the vibe is very “f–k them kids” in the replies:

There were a few people who defended the woman’s actions from a child safety perspective. If the wine glass dropped, the glass could have broken, endangering the baby far more than a gentle roll down onto the carpet.

But others suggested that if grandma prioritized the baby, there would have been no contact with glass. Until they crawled over it later, I guess. Glass is awful in carpets:

What’s important is that everyone is safe and there’s at least one full glass of wine still on the coffee table.

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