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Women On TikTok Are Drooling Over A Sexy Harry Potter Look-Alike

Felix, a French native who looks very much like Harry Potter, aka Daniel Radcliffe, has gone viral for his super sexy Potter-themed photos.

felixir_ / TikTok

Felix posted on February 2 of 2021 with a comparison video, which sparked much Internet attention. Now he has over 1.3 million followers.

He has many TikTok videos that are very easy on the eyes, like this one:

One viewer commented: “Gryffindor in the streets, Slytherin in the sheets.”

felixir_ / TikTok

Or this one, captioned “When Ginny wants to meet in the Room of Requirement,” has over eight million views!

In one video, he embraced the thirst trap becoming a “nerd trap.”

He also jumped in on the silhouette challenge, where TikTokers use a specific filter for dramatic (and in this case, sexy) effect.

Felix spoke to BuzzFeed about his TikTok experience and said, “I got into the Potterverse quite late.”

“I read the first one at an early age, but then came back to it years later in greater depth. Combine that with confinement, and you end up making TikTok videos cosplaying your look-alike.”

The comments also crack him up.

One woman wrote, “You need to stop this, Harry Potter. I’m a married woman.” Another cracked, “You can put your basilisk in my Chamber of Secrets” (oh my!) and others keep it simple: “50 points to Gryffindor!”

“I ACTUALLY THOUGHT YOU WERE DANIEL RADCLIFFE FOR A QUICK SECOND! don’t scare me like that again” said one fan. Another wrote, “the way my jaw dropped”.

Felix said, “‘My Huffle Puffed’ made me laugh quite a lot.”

“This whole TikTok experience is amazing,” he said. “I’ve only been on it for just over two months now…this is crazy, and still hard to realize. The love I get from people all around the world, enjoying my videos, is truly heartwarming and I’m forever grateful for it.”