TikToker Shares The Best Way To Stab An Attacker With Your Keys

With renewed awareness of the lengths women go to protect themselves while out in public, people on social media are sharing practical tips. And one of the most practical? Use your keys.

Now, many women (myself included) have walked home at night holding their keys between their fingers, like Wolverine claws, just in case we are accosted.

But guess what? According to one TikToker, that technique is all wrong.

What you really need to do is hold your longest key like a stabbing implement. Use Michael Meyers as your guide.


In the video, the woman demonstrates how the Wolverine method will actually just lead to the key hurting you instead.


Also, it limits your range of motion. Holding your longest key like a knife allows you to swing back and stab your attacker in the leg or in the family jewels.

Lots of people noted that their keys simply aren’t long enough, so the social media user who shared the video on Twitter explained that there are lots of places you can purchase self-defense keychains (or let’s have some fun—go roaming your local antique place and find a long key that looks like it opens the secret garden).

Featured Image: TikTok

Patricia Grisafi

Patricia Grisafi, PhD, is a freelance writer and educator. Her work has appeared in Salon, Vice, Bitch, Bustle, Broadly, The Establishment, and elsewhere. She is passionate about pit bull rescue, cursed objects, and designer sunglasses.