Woman Cries And Raves While Talking About Unfair Student Loans In Viral TikTok

Holly Polly, a woman who posts under the handle @swankysquirrel1 on TikTok shared some less-than-uplifting content, and it may be her most popular. In the TikTok video, she shares that she looked up the numbers on her student loans because she needed the information for something else. 

“What the f*ck?” she says. “I started with $80,000, I’ve been paying for 10 years. I paid $6,000, lump sum, because that’s the only way I could get it low. That took me to $76,000 after I’d been paying for nine years.”

She then says that over the entire ten years, she’s paid $120,000. But her balance is now only at $76,000.

“How the f*ck is this possible?” she yells. She admits she might be late to the game but “student loans are bad.”

Twitter user @ToyaRochelle posted Holly Polly’s story on Twitter, writing, “Y’all watch this video. ugh. My heart hurts. This system is so f—ked.”

Not everyone is so compassionate towards Holly Polly, saying she should have understood about compound interest and what it means to take out unsubsidized loans:

But many more people wrote about how predatory student loans are. They directly target young people who may not have the financial literacy to understand what they are committing to. Not only that, but people are inundated with messages about how higher education is the only way to succeed and improve their lives, so these teens are more willing and ready to take on a huge financial burden to pay for that diploma. They might not even have many other options if they want a job. Not just a job in a particular field, but any job at all.

Some shared how the same thing has happened to them.

It is a little late perhaps for Holly Polly to be realizing what she’s gotten herself into, but the fact that her story isn’t uncommon at all shows that it’s not really a “mistake” so much as it is a part of the design of education and capitalism. Put people in debt to survive the economy and they’ll never have financial freedom again.

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