Helpful TikToker Breaks Down How To Make Sure Your Hotel Room Is Safe

I’ve seen too many horror movies to ever be relaxed again and it seems like I’m not the only one. While it’s pretty unlikely that someone is actually going to attempt to enter your room while on vacation, it’s good to have some hotel safety tips on hand just in case. 

TikToker @Lovegood_allie shared a video on the app explaining all the ways you could be exposed in your hotel room and how to protect yourself. Checking these dangers when you arrive means you might get a little closer to actually relaxing on vacation. 

Her video is linked at the bottom of the page! 

She explained how to see a two-way mirror:

And how to make sure the door locks are a little more safe

She advised getting a room closer to the stairs instead of an elevator

And finally, she shared how to see if your room has cameras in it.

Here’s what other TikTokers had to say about her tips:



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