Guy Gives 8 Tips For Surviving A Nuclear Explosion From A U.S. Armed Forces Guide In Viral TikTok

I don’t want to think about nuclear explosions, but it’s hard not to with the world in chaos and Russia invading Ukraine. If you’re having nightmares about getting through a nuclear explosion, it might help to at least think that you can prepare for one. A novice survivalists and outdoor lifestyle hobbyist named Novice Prepper on TikTok is sharing videos on how to survive a blast.

In his video, Novice Prepper gave an explanation on what the U.S. Armed Forces Nuclear Forces Biological and Chemical Survival Manual said about how to best avoid the fallout of a nuclear explosion.

Novice Prepper said that if you are in the actual blast radius, you will most likely not survive, as everything in this area will be incinerated: you can “bend over and kiss your [butt] good-bye.” However, if you’re around 50 to 100 miles away from the explosion, it’s good to make a family action plan that could include supplies and safe locations to meet up.

One of the main ways to protect yourself is to get into a basement. “You are going to want to hunker down in the corner of a basement of a home, you’re going to want to be in the basement because you are going to be surrounded by cinder blocks and concrete as well as the earth,” he says. “The cinder blocks and earth that are surrounding you are going to help protect you against the radiation and fallout.”

Folks without basements were like, WHAT ABOUT US?

So, if you don’t have a basement, Novice Prepper said that you should “cover all of the windows and doors in your house in anything, blankets, plastic tarps, pillows, whatever you can find.” Then, “after you cover up all the windows and doors, you’re going to want to find a room in the center of the house.”

But truly, if there is a building around you with a basement or made of cinder blocks, go there.

Another thing you can do if you are exposed to nuclear radiation is to take off your clothes, take a shower, and put on fresh clothing: “Just guarding your outer layer of clothing and rapidly washing the exposed skin and hair can remove 95% of contamination.”

If you’re truly anxious about nuclear war, you could also just get the book that Novice Prepper was using. And maybe some Xanax.

Featured Image: TikTok