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Woman Shares Tip To See If Your Guy Is Cheating By Using a Lint Brush

There is a huge audience on TikTok for “messy” posts, where people call each other out or expose each other to the internet.

TikToker Andrea Lopez has really plugged into the zeitgeist and came up with the perfect formula for attention. Her viral post has it all: cheating, hacks, surprises, and drama! Let’s dive in.

In the video, Andrea says she’s going to show people a hack for discovering if your boyfriend (or whoever) is cheating on you. 


Take a fresh lint roller and rub it over the carpet, which she vigorously does for our visual pleasure.

If it comes up with hair a different color from yours, you know a different girl has been in your boo’s bedroom, and they were doing some pretty wild hair pulling stuff.

The only problem is that Andrea found a bunch of red hair:


And hers is black:

In another video, she confronts her boyfriend, Isaac Cervantes, as he washes his hands in the bathroom, brandishing the lint roller:


“Why the f–k is there red hair in your room? she demands.

He mutters “didn’t matter” and that they can “talk about it later” before shutting the door in her face.


He has some explaining to do😡(Following the next 100 people on IG: Andrea.Lopez44) #fyp #viral #prank #cheater #couple #funny

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My theory is that this entire thing is entirely set up, because the vast majority of the posts on Andrea’s page are “pranks” she either does on her boyfriend or which they have clearly done together. They’ve also been posting all sorts of cutesy stuff since that post went up, and usually after real “messy TikTok” posts happen, people are either broken up or back together with the mess deleted.

Also, that was a LOT of hair. Either they got it from a wig, or there’s some bottle redhead out there with a vicious bald spot.

You can still use Andrea’s tip to see if your partner is having sex with someone else specifically in their room and nowhere else, but I don’t think the evidence will be accepted in court.