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Millenials With Side Parts Are Standing Up To Gen Z’s Center Part Tyranny

Tragically, if you live long enough, you will see all of the stuff you know to be cool and awesome become cringe and stupid. Then about twenty years later, it will become cool again and you can sell all your old clothes to people twenty years younger than you for a significant price markup.

So it’s not all bad, but it can be very jarring when a style you see as an important part of your look getting roasted by hip teens. This is what millennials have been going through for months on TikTok.

It’s become a *thing* for the Gen Z kids to wear their hair with a middle part, and only a middle part.

People with side parts are told they’re ugly and even *gasp* Republican if they have a side part. There are definitely people who have capitulated to this bullying and change their hairstyles up.

Maybe some are happy to have made the change. But an increasing number of millennials are standing up to say, “No more! I am side-parted and I am proud!”

It’s brave to stand up to Gen Z because they are extremely good at roasting millennials and it is a dangerous thing to do. It’s one thing to be brave on Twitter, however, and quite another to be brave on TikTok, the app Gen Z built. 

There are some bold users out there who dare, like @taylorrainsmusic who said they’re not taking hair advice from the generation that “ate Tide Pods.”


#stitch with @mollietrainor y’all ate tide pods. I’ll part my hair on the side and wear skinny jeans. Enjoy the 90s fashion rn. 😂 youre welcome.

♬ original sound – Taylor Rains

There’s also @leahkoob, who said they will not be changing any of their millennial habits that Gen Z says are out because they…don’t want to:


Where are my zillenials at? #fyp #old #genz #zillenial #millenial #middlepart #skinnyjeans #laughemoji #wlyg

♬ original sound – OwenWeir

But the most convincing TikToks are the ones where people show that a side part doesn’t look good on everyone. In fact, on some people it looks so bad, they fear they would have been bullied when they were actual teens if they’d had one then:


i got bullied for this hairstyle. I refuse to give up my side part ☹️ #FYP #foryourpage #eldermillenial #middlepart #teamsidepart #nerd

♬ original sound – K. Rodriguez


Que piensan ustedes ? I try and do middle but end up flipping it !! Always #middlepart #sidepart #latina #trending #parati #lasvibras

♬ Middle part baddies – lady gleep


I look fresh. #GEICOLipSync #middlepart #millennial #dwightshrute

♬ brandy running and crying – brandy running and crying


#millennial #genz #middlepart #sidepart #sidepartmiddlepart

♬ original sound – Reddy M

Dare I say it? Gen Z, you look good with a middle part because you’re young enough to look good doing whatever. If you don’t agree….wait.