whiskey tide pods, tide pods, whiskey tidepods

Glenlivet Is Making ‘Whiskey Tide Pods’ So Pray For Millennials And Gen-Z

Do you remember Tide pods? They were these perfect candy-colored and candy-shaped objects filled with soap poison that the teens could not stop eating. Many campaigns were required to stop kids from eating this delicious looking soap. Humans are weird, and if something looks yummy, we want to eat it. And whiskey Tide pods are no different.

whiskey tide pods, tide pods, whiskey tidepods

Glenlivet has set us all back to square one by designing capsules full of alcohol that look exactly like whiskey Tide Pods. Kids still shouldn’t eat them, but they’re definitely going to want to.

It seems like a joke—why would anyone want to enjoy whiskey in this fashion? The whole point is that whiskey is enjoyable when ingested slowly, with ice or without, sipped in conversation with a friend in an atmospheric bar or by a crackling fire. You don’t inhale it like a Jello shot on spring break.

The capsules hold three different pre-mixed cocktails, though, rather than straight whiskey, according to Thrillist. The capsule skin is made from biodegradable seaweed skin, not plastic, and it’s made by a company called Notpla. At the moment, they’re not yet approved for consumption in the U.S. and were launched as part of London Cocktail Week. So they’re more of a publicity stunt than something you’re going to see at the bar anytime soon. Thank goodness.

People are understandably upset by this nightmare idea:

And the comparison to Tide Pods was noted immediately:

But these Whiskey Tide pods are reminiscent of a few other too-easy-to-eat snacks:

But the really scary trend is how many people thought, “Hmm, this would actually be perfect to put in my butt.”

I gotta say, warning everyone not to put these alcoholic Tide Pods in their butts is as good as telling them to do so. You’re just spreading the message. And they’ll be spreading them cheeks for a warm, peaty suppository of aged Glenlivet.

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