21 Pictures Your Brain Won’t Let You Believe Aren’t Food

There is a scientific reason Tide Pods look like they should taste good, and that’s because they’re glossy, have an outer shell containing something that looks hydrating, have a sweet, floral aroma, and are brightly colored; In other words, they look like food we already do eat that tastes good.

That whole Tide Pod debacle of 2018 sparked a universe of memes, but, more importantly, it gave rise to the ForbiddenSnacks subreddit. The sub essentially compiles pictures of stuff that looks like food, but isn’t. Anyway it’s awesome. See for yourself:

1. These lil turtles that look like tasty blueberries:

2. These cedar slices that look like bacon slices:

3. These mop heads that look like ground beef packages:

4. These leather bean bag paperweights that look like raviolis:

5. These paint rollers that look like sushi rolls:

6. These rubber bands that look like ravioli:

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7. This wheel pad that I refuse to believe isn’t a chocolate square:

8. And this epoxy resin that looks exactly like tubs of ice cream:

9. These electric wires that look like tasty Twizzlers:

10. These bronzers that looks suspiciously like brownie bars:

11. This toothpaste squeeze that looks like a slice of salmon:

12. This geode that looks like a loaf of sourdough bread:

13. This bowling ball that resembles a juicy watermelon:

14. This pinecone and leaves that looks like a stack of pancakes topped with butter:

15. These beach rocks that look EXACTLY like popcorn:

16. This sponge that looks like a sliced mango:

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17. This mattress, that unfortunately is NOT a giant ice cream sandwich:

18. This golf ball that looks like ham inside:

19. This fire disc that looks like a tasty hamburger patty:

20. These pupperinos that look exactly like chicken tenders:

21. These McNuggets that aren’t actually chicken nuggets at all!!!

h/t r/ForbiddenSnacks