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Viral Tiktok Documents The Norwegian Custom Of Leaving Babies Alone Outside In Freezing Weather

The Norwegians are a hearty people. So, before you rush to judgment here, take that into account. Let’s be honest, it isn’t exactly leaving them sitting in the snow.

We view babies as incredibly fragile, and for good reason. Our species is pretty useless as a baby. A pudgy little body and a soft spot on top of the skull isn’t a great start. We need a fair amount of coddling. 

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The Norwegians just happen to feel a little differently about how much coddling. TikToker Olly Bowman shared a video showing the Norwegian custom of leaving babies alone outside in freezing weather.

Olly walks along a Norwegian neighborhood showing several baby carriages sitting along the sidewalk.

There are, like, a lot of babies out there.

Olly goes on to explain that the Norwegians believe it helps them with their breathing and makes them more independent.

And also thinks it’s why so many of them are early risers. 

Check out the Tiktok for yourself:


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People in the comments have lots of questions, and rightly so.

What are your thoughts on this? I guess doing this makes sense if you live somewhere with almost no crime. I don’t even have kids but the thought of doing this gives me so much anxiety. Let us know your opinions in the comments.