Hilarious Twitter Thread Shows How Pandemic Babies Are Adjusting To The World

Parents have had a really rough time during the pandemic and so have their kids. Whether their children are little or big, they faced all sorts of challenges—and still continue to do so. Babies have missed out on socializing and seeing the world around them, and they are a little kooky as a result. That’s okay, we’re all a little kooky at this point, so no judging if you’re out for a walk and a baby barks at you.

One Twitter user decided to go down the rabbit hole on TikTok and investigate #pandemicbaby. What he found made him laugh—and started a viral thread. “I clicked the pandemicbaby hashtag in tiktok and those kids are gonna need therapy later lmfao one person said her 13 month old barks at other kids and it’s had me screaming all morning.”

Other folks jumped on the thread to share their pandemic parenting stories and the ways their young kids are coping with isolation. Parents, you are doing FINE!

1. Screaming At Everyone

2. Crying At The Nurse

3. “He Thinks He Is A Dog”

4. “Hates The Outside”

5. Loves Walgreens The Most


7. Shocked To See Another Little Kid

8. Waves At Everyone

9. Thinks Everything Is Hand Sanitizer

10. Used To Masks

11. Squeaks Like A Seagull




Featured Image: Twitter