Athletes Are Using TikTok To Show Us What The Olympic Village Is Really Like

The Olympic Village is a place of mystery. A place where us mere mortals will never step foot in our lives. Its tales are the stuff of legends.

In Rio 2016, the only thing that worked in the Village were the 350,000 condoms.

Now that Tokyo 2021—sorry Tokyo 2020—is in full swing, more tales are slipping out of the Olympic Village.

Within the past 20 years, social media has transformed the way we interact. What went on behind the scenes at the Olympics was largely a mystery.

Now, with social media accessible globally, Olympic athletes are showing us exactly what it’s like to compete, with some of the best moments coming straight out of the Olympic Village.

One behind-the-scenes clip that has been getting a lot of attention comes from Cody Melphy, who plays rugby on the U.S. team.

Throughout his stay in the Olympic Village, Melphy has been regularly updating with behind-the-scenes action for his followers. His biggest post is a tour of the Village.

First, we learn about the Olympic Village’s segregation practices, as housing is assigned by country.

Next up on the tour is a glimpse of what the bedrooms — and those famous cardboard beds — look like.

Not necessarily conducive to our basic human desires, but when you have thousands of young, sexy, horned-up athletes, you make it work.

And what do thousands of horned-up athletes also need? FOOD. For these athletes, the dining hall is always open.

There are also vending machines with complimentary Coca-Cola products for the Olympians.

With all those athletes sharing the Olympic Village, you can imagine laundry gets out of control. And Melphy is here to show you that yes, it does.

Of course, with Tokyo 2020 (the things we do to save money on branding) being a global event, security is a must.

As well as safety protocols, as we are STILL in a pandemic!

Since the Olympics are so large, athletes have buses and self-driving cars to get them around.

Melphy wraps up his TikTok by reminding us that he is in an incredible, beautiful city and the majority of us are not. Thanks!