“I Haven’t Been Able To Wash My Hands”—Papa John’s Worker Says He Was Fired For Refusing To Work Without Running Water

Whenever the name “Papa John’s” comes up in headlines, you know it’s not gonna be good. The chain’s founder — also known as “Papa John” — has traumatized our collective minds for far too long.

Since he founded the fast pizza place in 1984, he’s had two sexual misconduct settlements, blamed the NFL on his company’s losses, kills animals for fun and, how can we forget this?

The man is a mess, y’all.

The latest headline highlights how one chain is handling sanitary procedures during a pandemic. And while Papa John himself isn’t exactly the culprit, we all know where the big guy would stand in this situation.

Right now, much of the United States is going through record-breaking winter temperatures, with many people struggling to survive. In this Papa John’s location, the pipes burst, preventing employees from carrying out simple sanitary procedures like hand washing.

TikTok user @mommarhodey shared a video of her brother, a Papa John’s employee who walked out and refused to come back until the water was turned back on.

“It’s 0 degrees outside. Our water hasn’t been working all day. Literally, haven’t been able to wash my hands while making pizza,” he said in the video. “So I clocked out. … I don’t want to be like making other people’s food without being sanitary.”

The caption reveals that he was fired for clocking out.

This didn’t fly with his sister, Jade, who sprung into action and contacted the Better Business Bureau, three news channels corporate, the El Paso health department, wrote reviews and more. Jade says lawyers and getting her brother on unemployment are the next steps.

Looks like the strategy is working.