People Play Some Pretty Strange Games On TikTok (15 Videos)

TikTok gets a lot of love from Zoomers and a lot of hate from everyone else. Shockingly this breaks down along the lines of who uses TikTok and who doesn’t. But the app is, essentially, just a social video sharing platform and it’s only as lame or as creative as its users.

While best known for viral dance clips and mindless lip-syncing videos there are people using TikTok in inventive and hilarious ways, often making up weird games and challenges for others to attempt.

Twitter user @DannyHawk recently posted a thread in which he catalogs some of the weird games and challenges TikTokers play.

1. For example this high-stakes shoe kicking game:

2. This one where people attempt to assemble LEGOs without removing them from the packaging, AKA: Hard Mode.

3. And this one where people attempt to disrupt their Zoom call on the sly.

4. There’s the #RedWineGoldenRetrieverChallenge

5. Then there’s what I can only presume is called the #PlungerSplatChallenge

6. There’s this game where the youngs compete to see who can get a message back the fastest in response to a generic “hey” text which, in COVID times, does seem like a safer sleepover game than Spin the Bottle.

7. Then again you have the teen boy version of Spin the Bottle…which somehow involves a paintball gun and the prospect of pain.

8. There’s this literal pyramid scheme

9. And this frankly disgusting display of mouth-eye coordination

10. This low-tech beach Jenga with a major plot twist

11. This massive jump rope that looks like it would decapitate you if you didn’t stick the landing

12. This classic game of “One More Step”

13.  This sidewalk balance challenge

14. This team-building exercise for absorbent bros

15. Lastly there’s a game that proves the next generation DOES know the meaning of hard work, as long as that hard work is done in pursuit of something meaningless like rolling a ball of sand into a hole.

Check out @DannyHawk’s entire thread for more TikTok redemption stories.

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