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Women Are Smacking Their Boyfriends In The Head With Purses For TikTok’s Purse Challenge

There aren’t many places to go these days, so people are getting really creative with what’s left. There’s the house. And the car. What kind of mischief can we get up to in there? TikTok’s purse challenge is the answer.

The new TikTok trend is the Purse Challenge, which allows women to prank their significant others with nothing more than the cramped interior of a car and their purse.

Basically, she’ll reach into the back of the car to grab that purse, and when she brings it to the front, she smacks her unwitting lover in the head with it, as though it’s an accident. This process gets repeated until they get fed up or the video ends.

You have got to love and feel safe with your partner to try this during a pandemic. Tempers are frayed. I wouldn’t physically hurt someone for doing this, but I would definitely pop off by the second smack.

Instead, folks have gotten bolder, smacking people in the head with larger and larger purses, as well as a few random objects and in one case, a baby. Hey, we gotta pass the time somehow. Let’s get in the car and go for a drive…







@airekandcaseyI used my biggest purse for this and it backfired 🤣🤣 ##fyp ##foryou ##pursechallenge ##funny ##viral♬ original sound – airekandcasey