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Woman Has Nightmare About Secret Door Only To Find A Hidden Door In Her Salon

A salon owner recently found a hidden door in her businesses’ location. Cool, right? Not so cool when you learn the woman had a terrifying nightmare about finding a secret passageway with hidden bodies behind it.

Yeah, not as cool anymore.

We learned about the spooky occurrence through Miranda, who shared her mother’s experience via TikTok.

Miranda uploaded a video of her and her mother in the salon, prefacing it that her mom had a dream about a secret door.

So she pulled back one of the salon mirrors and found something peculiar.

She investigated further and found the mirror was hiding something. The next obvious choice is demolition.

“So she dreamed there were bodies back here and she dreamed there was a secret door and she f***ing found a secret door,” Miranda says in the video.

While the video did not reveal what exactly was behind the mirror, it racked up 10.2 million views and more than a million likes.

Keeping us all in suspense, Miranda uploaded two other TikTok videos before showing us part two.

In this video, we learn… nothing. All the excitement was for nothing. No dead bodies behind the wall.

What makes it spooky though, is what’s next door to the salon: the Rogers Hotel. The hotel is famous for the scary stories that come out of it, and it shares a wall with Miranda’s mother’s salon.

While the mystery is most likely an old elevator shaft, there is definitely more going on behind that wall.