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This Woman’s “13-Step” Grocery List To Avoid Phone Calls From Her Boyfriend Is Going Viral

People on TikTok are obsessed with the “idiot-proof” grocery list user @stefferronii made for her boyfriend.

@stefferroniiDoing groceries is an art form. ##groceries ##adulting ##boyfriend ##fyp ##foryou ##control ##coronavirus ##shopping♬ original sound – stefferronii

The list has four columns: items, quantity, advice, and images.

To make sure her boyfriend gets exactly what Steff wants, she gives notes in the “advice” column like how to tell if the produce is ripe, or the difference between cilantro and parsley, and adds pictures for reference.

Steff also said she writes the list in the order of how they walk through the store to try and make things as easy as possible.

“Everything from what to buy, what brand to buy, what brand not to buy, what flavor to buy, what they look like, it’s all there,” Steff said. “These are all questions I will get in a phone call so hoping to avoid that this time. We shall see how it goes but hopefully he follows this to a tee because I want some plump-ass corn.”

Steff’s video was viewed 1.5 million times and liked 239,500 times. People loved Steff’s organization skills, and thought her list was a great idea.

“I do this for myself bc grocery-store Me is not nearly as clear-headed as everywhere-except-the-grocery-store Me,” one user commented.

“This is me right now, he is going grocery shopping by himself tomorrow 😅👀,” another user said.

But some viewers thought it was unfair Steff had to put in this much effort just so her boyfriend could make one trip to the grocery store. 


“It’s amazing how many girls are dating doorknobs,” another user commented.

Steff clarified in a comment she didn’t mind organizing the list.

She said she normally does most of the shopping and cooking, but currently can’t go shopping due to the current crisis.

“1000000% he can do everything on his own but I cook dinners and obsess over groceries so he’s helping out cause I have weak lungs and can’t go out lol,” Steff said.

Steff also said “thanks” in a second video to viewers who just laughed at her video and didn’t leave hateful comments.

“It was just supposed to be funny and relatable,” Steff said. “A lot of people took it way too seriously and left a lot of negative comments […] be kind, think twice before you say something rude, because it takes more effort for you to be mean than to be nice.”

And due to popular demand, Steff made a follow-up video “for all the Monica Gellers out there” explaining her 13-step process to making the perfect grocery list.

@stefferroniiThe Grocery List – my 13 step process ONLY for the Monica’s out there ##fyp ##grocerylist ##groceries ##typeA ##monicageller ##monicasunite ##bekind ##lists♬ original sound – stefferronii

@stefferroniiGroceries are an art form pt.2 – PSA: I love making lists please let me live my life ##groceries ##grocerylist ##list ##monicageller ##fyp ##bekind♬ original sound – stefferronii

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