Former Victoria’s Secret Employee Gives Fair Warning To Repeat Shoplifters In Viral PSA

Former Victoria’s Secret employee Kenzie Rae (@kenzieraesch) issued a fair warning to all shoplifters who have gotten a little too comfy stealing from stores.


In her viral Tiktok Kenzie explains how her former company catches shoplifters.


victorias secret worker shoplifting psa - tiktok

Kenzie described it as a “daily occurrence” fueled by people’s belief that no one can stop them. Which is somewhat true, considering the company doesn’t want you fighting someone over some stolen underwear.

Kenzie elaborates on who VS ultimately catches the thieves. Apparently there’s a whole “asset protection team” who pops in on different stores. They might not be there when you shoplift, but eventually they will be. It’s a numbers game.

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For high value items the will go to the camera footage like NFL refs viewing a replay. They’ll look for every detail and tally up what you stole.

Check out Kenzies explanation for yourself. Seems legit. Or is it propaganda from Big Underwear. You be the judge.


Why you probably shouldn’t steal from Victoria’s Secret.. from an ex employee. #fyp #victoriassecret #vs #shoplifters #theft #victoriasecret

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The comments are mostly people calling BS and explaining that they shoplift all the time and nothing happens.

What is your take? Have you stolen from Victoria’s Secret? Do you still steal? Does shoplifting make you feel alive? Well, grow up.

Sure, giant corporations do damage and won’t feel the loss, but also you’re putting a low wage worker in an awkward situation. So, maybe at least just be better at stealing and don’t get caught.