Woman Explains Why A Fetus Isn’t A Baby With 6 Arguments In Viral TikTok

Abortion has been a heated debate for many years, though the laws to keep American access to the medical procedure have come increasingly under fire in recent years. The latest is a Texas anti-abortion law passed on September 1st 2021, and people have begun to really fight back against it.

TikToker drq_dpt made a video explaining what changes should be made in the system if a fetus is, in fact, a baby.


The video went viral.

She says, “If the fetus is a baby, we should be able to take life insurance out on it. That means if someone has a miscarriage, they’re entitled to a life insurance policy. If I had six miscarriages, I would be a millionaire.”

She goes on, “If a fetus is a baby, men should start paying child support the second that the pregnancy is confirmed.”


“If a fetus is a baby, low-income women should get more food stamps and more welfare for the baby while she’s pregnant with them.”

“If a fetus is a baby, we should be able to claim them on our income taxes for that year.

“If a fetus is a baby, every single state should have a law that makes assaulting a pregnant woman also child abuse.”

“If a fetus is a baby, every single pregnant woman should have gotten a $500 bonus on their stimulus check.”

And she concludes: “But now because a fetus isn’t a baby, you just want to control a woman’s reproductive rights”.

The comments were overwhelmingly supportive and in agreement with her.

One user quipped, “Don’t forget being able to drive in the carpool lane.” Another wrote, “And bereavement leave when we miscarry.”

Others pointed out the hypocrisy of pro-lifers. “I love the pro lifers saying ‘I agree!’ while voting against all safety nets for women and children.”