Woman Mistakenly Receives A Job Description With Weirdly Judgmental Notes About The Other Candidates

Looking for a job is hard enough without job recruiters screwing you over. There are only so many good jobs, and one judgmental jerk can keep you out for no good reason.

Recently, Tiktoker Melchantl was put in an awkward position when a recruiter sent her a job description, mistakenly, with some notes already on it. Notes that shouldn’t have been there. Very specific and judgmental notes…about the other candidates.

What does a prospective employee do in this situation?

Well, Melchantl was torn, so she asked Tiktok for advice. What she DID do was find all of the mentioned candidates on LinkedIn.

Her caption reads: “Data breach at the very least. What would you do? Help.”

She goes on to explain in a second video that she did another video with a greenscreen going more into depth, but Tiktok said it violated the community standards. She also realized she had worked with one of the candidates who was being unfairly judged.

Here are the 2 Tiktoks:



Data breach at the very least. What would you do? Help 😭 #corporate #events #business #corporateevents #marketing #digitalmarketing #fyp #9to5 #business #branding #digitalmarketing #marketingdigital #socialmedia

♬ original sound – Melchantl



The moment when I realised that I knew one of them on there 🤦🏻‍♀️ #corporate #events #business #corporateevents #marketing #digitalmarketing #fyp #9to5 #business #branding #digitalmarketing #marketingdigital #socialmedia

♬ original sound – Melchantl

People in the comments were outraged, and had similar experiences with job recruiters.

What do you think? Did she do the right thing? What would you have done differently? Let us know in the comments.