worker gets fired after putting in two weeks

Woman Says She Got Fired After Putting In Her 2-Week’s Notice And People Aren’t Particularly Sympathetic

A TikToker went viral after claiming to be fired from her job, despite putting in her 2-weeks notice. Her video alleging that she was wrongfully terminated didn’t particularly illicit the sympathy she was hoping to get.

In a two-part video series, Aleigha (pondstfinancial) explained her experience with her now former employer. While cutting into her pizza dinner, she claims that she was fired on a Friday despite giving her notice the previous Wednesday.

worker gets fired for putting in two weeks
pondstfinancial via TikTok

Aleigha says the news was broken to her during an impromptu meeting with her project manager.

“He was like, ‘Oh, since you’ve only been here for six or seven weeks, I don’t think you need to work here after today,’” she explains. 

Confused, she told her boss that she hadn’t finished all of her work yet, her manager blew her off, saying that someone else could do it.  “Make sure you have an emergency fund before you quit,” she says in closing. “I’m going to go email my boss and ask for severance pay.”

The video of her explaining how she got fired after putting in her 2-weeks is shown below:


I’m literally so tired. today was a whirlwind 😅😅 #quitting #quittingmyjob #9to5 #pondst #newjob

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In her part two video explanation, Aleigha says she tried to find out if her firing was legal and if she could receive severance pay. She clarifies that she had been employed at her company for almost two years, but only on her specific project for a couple of weeks. 


Replying to @rayzr_tuck2 I did not plan on this happening 😅😅 I was honestly so shocked my body went into fight or flight mode. #quitting #quittingmyjob #9to5 #newjob #fired

♬ original sound – Leigh – Your Frugal Bestie


But, ultimately, she says her firing likely came down to the fact that she’s an at-will employee— meaning the company can dismiss her at any time they deem fit.

“Before you give notice, check if you’re an at-will employee and then decide if you think they’ll just let you go early,” Aleigha says. “I have enough money to get by, but it’s still not fun not getting paid for a week or two.”

Commenters didn’t give her the sympathy she was hoping for, saying that she didn’t get fired since she technically “quit.”