Worker Accidentally Applies For Her Own Job And It Gets About As Awkward As You Imagine It Will

Applying for jobs can be a harrowing, tense experience. The searching, the interviewing, the writing of ridiculous cover letters; it’s enough to frazzle anyone.

Real estate agent Rachel McIlravey (@rachelmcilravey) recently went viral on Tiktok for posting about a time she mistakenly applied to her OWN job.

“When I accidentally applied for my job because the company I work at was hiring under a different company name.”

I mean, I could see myself making this mistake. Who hasn’t been at a job they’re unhappy with and started looking for lateral moves?

The company had a different name. It’s possible. Embarrassing, but possible.

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See the Tiktok for yourself:


Had a good chat with the ceo about it


The comments are fully in support of Rachel

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I doubt this has ever happened to you, but could it have? Do you ever fire off your resume on company time? I don’t think there’s any shame in it. Believe me, the company is always looking out for itself, so you should be doing the same.