Woman Gets Tricked By The Bride Into Wearing White To Her Wedding, And Oh Boy…

One of the most commonly known rules about weddings is that you never wear white unless you’re the bride.

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It’s a rule Redditor u/runawaymaidofhonor tried to follow, but the bride insisted she wears a white dress — and then lashed out when the poster did as she was told!

In her AITA post, the OP describes her friend Charlotte as “intense” and highly focused on the wedding for 18 months, “down to the last detail,” and so did her best to help, including donating $250 toward the wedding costs.

A month prior to the wedding, u/runawaymaidofhonor asked Charlotte what dress she should wear, since the bride “had a vision for her wedding” and showed her the three dresses she had narrowed down to, but Charlotte looked through her closet for more and selected two options: one of the three OP had picked out, and a white dress she had excluded for obvious reasons.

“She told me both dresses were lovely, but that she prefers the white one,” reads the Reddit post. “I asked if she was sure, and she said yes, and even picked out a pair of pink and white heels from her closet to go with my dress. I figured that was that.”

OP thought everything was fine, having checked with Charlotte multiple times to make sure the white dress was what she wanted, but that all changed when she arrived for the ceremony.

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She arrived 30 minutes before the ceremony and got “some weird looks” from other guests. She didn’t think anything of it, but then when Charlotte, in her BLUE wedding dress, spotted her, she looked “shocked” at what OP wore and started “turning red.” 

“She pulls me aside and starts going off on me immediately about wearing the dress to her wedding. I’m stunned. I ask her what the problem is, because SHE picked the dress out, and she told me it was a ‘friendship test’ and that if we were real friends then I wouldn’t have worn a white dress or her shoes to her wedding.”

OP continued, “I started laughing because I honestly thought it was a joke, and she screamed at me that I ruined her ‘ f-ing wedding’ and to ‘GTFO’. I flat out told her she was crazy and left, not wanting to fight anymore and not knowing how to deal with what happened. I grabbed my wedding gift for them on the way out.”

Since the wedding, OP has been bombarded with messages about her being an AH.

In an update to her post, she added that she spoke on the phone with Charlotte’s now-husband, which she recorded. Thank goodness, because she says “he offered to sleep with me as an apology,” which she refused and ended the conversation.

After a few days, she posted her side of the story on Facebook. While her friendship with Charlotte is over, she is understandably upset at the way her bridezilla friend turned on her.

The people of Reddit had mixed reactions to the story, but the majority told OP she was lucky to escape that “friendship.”