25 People Reveal The One Moment That Caused Them To End Their Relationship

Breakups are hard to do, no matter when they happen in a relationship. Saying goodbye to someone you love can be a difficult experience. But, for many, there is no other option. There are many people who reach a point in relationships—a breaking point—that they cannot come back from. It changes theway they view their partner entirely and they can no longer stay in a healthy, loving relationship with that person. Recently, Reddit user u/bejeweledbanana asked users to share the tipping point of their relationship—what made them end it for good—and, some of these stories are insane.


When my now ex-wife was arrested for having a sexual relationship with one of her female students…



She started telling me how she had to defend me to my friends after I had to miss watching a show with themto go into work. My friends told me that wasn’t true and she spent the entire time shit talking me.



She wouldn’t stop sleeping with her ex boyfriend and then decided to marry him. She told me this via text.



He and I had this moment, lying on the bed, listening to some music, in my room, while the sun was setting, the city buzzing away below us, after a long day and I felt this wholesome feeling, like I knew where I belonged. And right then and there, he looks at me and said: “if you ever leave me, I’m gonna make your life a fucking hell.”

Guess I belonged far far away from him.



I got tired of carrying her to bed after her nightly binge drinking. Also, her complete denial of being an alcoholic and refusing to get help.



He was on a 5 day bender ignoring every single one of my messages until I said “I’m leaving you” then he said he was gonna kill himself if I leave him (Something he said everytime I tried to leave). I simply said “okay” blocked him and sent an ambulance to his house. When the ambulance got there his friend sent me a tonne of abusive messages saying why the fuck would you do that ect. Turns out the paramedics walked in on her sucking his dick.



Turns out my ex kept a cat locked in the attic for several years. Changed the litter boxes about once a month and gave her food/water every couple of days. He didn’t really give a shit about her. He didnt have AC so went I went up to check on her I was pouring sweat and had to leave within 5 minutes. I confronted him about her treatment and got the response “It’s just a cat.” I dont know why he even had her in the first place.

I told him the next week that I was taking her to give her a better home and he pretty much said do whatever, once again “she’s just a cat”. She’s 20 years old now and lives with me. She was hesitant of any signs of affection at first butis now the sweetest thing.

Oh, also he was seeing someone else while we were still together. I was struggling with some mental issues and he told me to “go fix myself” but that’s another story.



Month after month after month, excuses why he couldn’t pay rent. And yet he would spend all his income on eating out, online gaming memberships, etc. Would also try to guilt trip me into getting him stuff constantly. 1 day we went to visit relatives in another state during the week before xmas and my uncle snapped. He told him off about how he’s manipulative and can see that what he does has dragged me down as a serious burden. I didn’t attempt to intervene, he was absolutely right. And after we left, ex bitched me out for not stepping up for him. We broke up the day after and suddenly I felt like I could breathe again.



We had been together for 5 years. She started dating someone else for the last 5 months of our relationship. I work night shift as a police officer and I only found out because I realized I left something at home when I left for work and went home to get it around midnight and this random guy was sleeping in my bed and my girlfriend was no where to be found (she was making a run to Walgreens).



She would threaten me with physical violence and self harm for years if I ever left her, I was made to choose between myfriends or her, certain threats made if I’d choose friends over her etc. having to be in contact with her at all times if I wasn’t with her, going through my phone and years of messages with my closest friends whilst I’m asleep etc, deciding who I could follow on Instagram, be friends with on Facebook based off how attractive they were or if she deemed them as a ‘threat’ etc. even if they were long term friends – Makes me feel sick thinking about it all again.

Crazy shit. I was younger and didn’t realise how abusive she really was – lost a lot of friends because of her.

She eventually did another one of her ‘fake’ break ups and I decided not to crawl back to the person that would always tell me that no one else would ever love me etc. said “Okay, I’ll pick up my stuff tomorrow” or something along those lines and then she obviously freaked out realising I wasn’t falling for her tricks and playing into her usual games. Haven’t seen or heard from her in four years now.



Turns out she never actually left her ex-boyfriend and I found out when she blew up about me adding a picture of us together to my Facebook.



He was going out during the night to see two other girls. TWO. And when I saw him during the morning he would be tired as hell (because obviously he was out) and tell me he had sleeping issues. I found out he was cheating on me with the two girls when they both saw me hugging him and went to scream at me. For the karma part, the three of us agreed to leave him and not talk to him again, and I’m stilla friend with one of them.



First wife, and this is in total retrospect. She was the one who finally bailed due to her mental health issues. The scary part was that she shot my dog because she “did not like him”. I heard later she shot her next husband’s dog because it got out of the yard while she was late for work and didn’t have time to chase it. Both husband #2 and I just concluded we were both lucky we got out of relationships with her alive.



She pulled a knife on me during intercourse.



Threw a frying pan at my head, ducked it. Started telling me she was going to call the police and accuse me of hitting her.



I was having sex with my girlfriend, and then heard a loud ripping noise, turned out to be a penile fracture, damn that hurt. She saw that as a sign of weakness and broke up with me the next day.



When I realized she wouldn’t every stop playing the victim card. I’d be apologizing for the rest of my life for stuff that was her fault.



It had been a short, rocky abusive relationship. She had been physically fighting me and one time in particular she had bit a huge chunk of my arm out. She spit it out like a sunflower seed shell, and smiled all creepy and her teeth were tinted with my blood. I knew then that there was absolutely no help for this relationship and I was 100% disgusted and no longer loved this person.



7 hours before I had a big test, she wanted to argue. There was no “not” arguing with her. If you stayed quiet, she kept going. If you disagreed, she kept going. If you took her side, you were lying. 2 hours into the fight, I tried to ignore her and go to bed. She told me to admit we’re through. (Might this be a way out?) I said yes. She started questioning if I was serious so I had to lay it out, “Yes, we’re done, I’m sick of this, we are done, we’re over, you’re moving, we’re done….now go pretend to sleep on the couch for 15 minutes before you coming back in here and yelling more about how I didn’t come rescue you from the couch…yes I know you that well and I’m sick of all your BS, go sleep in your fucking car, I don’t care, we are 100% done, I’m going to sleep before you ruin my final tomorrow, WE ARE DONE!”



At a food festival, standing in line for like 10 minutes for some French toast thing. He ordered first and got his food, but when it was my turn, I realized it was cash only, but I only had my debit card. He turned to me and basically yelled, “wow, what are you going to do?” After being together for 10 months, cohabitating, and splitting everything 50/50, even though his salary was double mine, he wasn’t willing to spot me $5 for French toast, and he had to call attention to it loudly in front of the whole line. Then we walked away from the vendor with him chomping down on his French toast and me empty handed.

It seems trivial, but if I had just stood in line with someone I love or even a good friend, I would have just covered them. It gave me the impression that he would never really have my back. I could never see him the same after that, and we broke up the next month.



She got annoyed that I was spending time with my dad when my grandad was dying in hospital, instead of spending time with her.



She started calling me Daddy everywhere. Was awkward after a while.



She was talking about how hot her friend was and I was like “you ever think you might just be into ladies” and she started crying. We’re still friends and honestly not the worst breakup.