24 Most Excruciatingly Awkward Things That Happened To People In 2018

Show me someone who’s never done anything awkward and I’ll show you a person who’s not human. Because EVERYONE has been in an excruciatingly uncomfortable situation at some time or another.

There are so many opportunities for awkward things to happen, with family, friends, work, strangers, you name it. Like, one time I saw a guy that I liked and I waved to him and walked right into a pole. And that’s nothing compared to the awkwardness that these people experienced.

1. That’s a fun breakup.

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2. Watch what you wish for.

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3. What are the odds?


4. His patients probably aren’t all this excited to see him.

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5. That’s not exactly the right phrase.

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6. You never know where stock pictures will end up.

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7. Look, who isn’t?

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8. This is awkward, but also hilarious.

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9. Great job, whoever packed this!


10. Not really a conversation you want to have with mom.

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