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Hilarious Viral Hashtag Exposes All Of Barbie’s Deepest, Darkest Secrets

Every celebrity who’s been around long enough has racked up some hidden secrets. Over the years, everyone does things they’re not proud of, but celebrities have specific images to uphold and so they hide their less-savory characteristics. Since Barbie’s been around since 1959, she’s bound to have a skeleton or two in her closet. According to fans on Twitter, there are countless skeletons pouring out.

#BarbiesDarkSecrets is trending on Twitter.

The iconic plastic doll is known for being a symbol of feminine perfection. Since she was introduced 60 years ago, Barbie has had almost every career under the sun, not to mention a pretty pink mansion in Malibu. But, people on Twitter are imagining violence, crime, and other scandals that might be hiding beneath her (literally) shiny veneer.

Some of Barbie’s secrets sound like they’re ripped right from real-life headlines.

Barbie has quite the unattractive headshot.

Other tweets take the idea of Barbie going dark really far by saying she’s gone deep into the dark side.

If Barbie is cursing the kids who have tortured her over the years, then there are definitely a lot of cursed people out there.

Other tweets are super relatable, if we’re all being totally honest.

I mean, who hasn’t taken a spoon to a jar of Nutella after a hard day?

And then there are some fans who still think Barbie is as wholesome as ever before.

If Barbie did, in fact, write the lyrics to “Barbie Girl,” I hope she’s collecting royalties on it. That song is a bop!

But maybe fans should just let Barbie speak for herself. After all these years in the public eye, Barbie has joined the digital age becoming a vlogger. She has a video that explains 10 things about her, and honestly, none of them are any of these dark secrets. Maybe she’s just not ready to speak about them herself.