College Student Whines About Her Boyfriend Not Being Rich And The Internet Tears Her Apart

Some people have expectations about how much money their partners should make. Kindness and other good personality traits aren’t enough for just everybody; some people are looking for that cold, hard cash, too.

On a Facebook page called “Confessions from UC Berkeley,” an anonymous college student wrote all about how her finances were drastically different from those of her boyfriend, and how very unsatisfactory she found it. She comes from money, while her boyfriend has just a regular middle-class background.

Her post truly made her sound selfish and shallow and didn’t say much about why she even liked her boyfriend in the first place, if the moneything was so important to her (she did, however, mention that he was of the “right caste”). She honestly sounds like a bit of a spoiled brat, which makes me wonder just what her fella sees in her.

The post read in full:

1882. I’m financially not the same as my boyfriend, and it’s beginning to bother me. My family makes triple his family, my MOM is a position six ranks higher at the same company as his DAD, I’m coming here to Cal on OOS tuition, he’s at the state school getting financial aid. We own seven properties, his family has two. And that’s just our families. I work and make quite a bit of money, so I’ve been able tobuy him upscale gifts, but he only bought me a $30 present on Valentine’s Day and I’m still upset about it (and not even on time because he had to wait for it to go on sale). I have an internship this summer that’s prorated at his dad’s yearly salary. He has no internship. He’s a good guy, he’s of the right caste, he’s in an okay major (CS) but I resent him for not being able to spoil me. I want to have something to show off. I don’t want to be disappointed with a Zales ring down the road.

Good god, a Zales ring, the horror! Can you imagine?

Okay, but seriously, this woman really dug her own grave with this post, and the commenters let her have it.

Some people thought they should break up because the poster of the confession wasn’t good enough for her boyfriend.

Someone else pointed out that it sounded like the woman just hates poor people. He’s not wrong.

One person clarified for her: she’s not rich, her parents are.

And a whole lotta people took umbrage at the “right caste” comment.

I’d just like to wish this woman good luck getting through life. I feel like she’s going to need it. It might not hurt to get over herself a little bit, too.

h/t: Facebook, Someecards