Absolute Legend Brings Literal Printed Receipts To A Fight With Her Boyfriend

This story about a couple having a fight in public is making me feel pretty conflicted. On the one hand, I think taking creep shots of people and posting them online is shady as hell. On the other hand, you can’t really recognize who these people are. And on the third hand, dude has clearly been caught cheating, and his woman really deserves some props for being on a new, legendary level of “ready.”

What is recognizable is the absolutely gigantic print outs of what look like texts or Tinder conversations in the woman’s hand and the look of misery in the guy’s agonized profile.

The picture was posted by Twitter user @3liAlra with the caption “RIP BRO.” It’s unclear if they actually witnessed this interaction or not, but you probably didn’t need to be there to understand what’s going on. My dude is busted.

Commenters find it pretty hilarious that this woman showed up with actual receipts for the complaints she’s making to her boyfriend—complaints that genuinely seem to point at the fact that he’s been caught cheating—and that @3liAlra got a shot of it.


The post got added to Reddit, too, and commenter u/WabbitCZEN pretty much nailed what’s so incredible about the photo:

This is a woman who is 100% done with his sh*t. Not only did she print them out, in color, and organize them, but she had the clarity of mind to do all this and keep him in the dark. There’s no saving his ass or this relationship when a woman is so pissed she comes full circle and have that level of forethought.

Of course, we don’t really know what’s going on. Are they transcript of their past conversations? Screenshots she took of him trying to set up a tryst on Tinder? The Instagram DMs he thought were deleted? Whatever they are, this lady is gonna be just fine. She’s a woman who makes a plan and then executes it. And his neck was on the block.