The Coffin Dance Meme Is The Best Meme Of 2020 So Far (30 Memes)

The coffin dance meme is officially the best meme of 2020… so far.

Sometimes there’s a meme that’s perfect for the time and place—one that just fits.

For early 2020, which has seen the unprecedented global calamity that is our current crisis change life as we know it, that meme is the so-called coffin dance meme or dancing pallbearers meme. This meme features some very coordinated Ghanian pallbearers strutting their stuff while carrying a coffin.

The meme has the perfect mix of lulz and morbidity for this anxious moment in time. Plus it can also just as easily be used to clown on garden variety self-owns and idiotic fails that may or may not result in immediately life-threatening circumstances.

Basically once you hear that techno start rising, you’re already doomed.

Here are the best coffin dance memes we had time to find.











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