Twitter Is Furiously Divided Over The ‘Correct’ Order To Put Clothes On

A tweet penned by 29-year-old Ryan Broderick has sparked a sartorial debate the likes of which Twitter hasn’t seen since 2015’s ‘The Dress.’

The BuzzFeed News reporter asked, “You guys ever put your socks on before your pants? Really interesting way to shake up the morning.” Many people responded by explaining that yes, that is how they get dressed every morning thank you very much.

Broderick realized that maybe he‘s been doing it wrong his entire life.

(For the record, I don’t think he has. Team pants before socks all the way.)

The number of people who dunked on him for pulling on his pants before his socks was frankly astounding.

As Broderick pointed out in a subsequent post, some people apparently refer to socks as “pant lubricators,” which, no thank you.

Worst of all, one guy even called him a cop!

He then attempted to “set the record straight” by divulging the “correct clothing order.”

Obviously, this sparked a new round of spirited debate. Many thought the shirt came into play way too early in OP’s process, forcing him to unnecessarily Donald Duck.

Women also seemed to agree that the shirt comes on after the pants, but before the makeup because duh.

The issue of skinny jeans threw another wrench in the pants-or-socks-first controversy.

This brings to mind another debate, launched by @fairygodmary last week. Her “correct order” has to do with the showering process, which sparked conversations around how long you should keep face wash/conditioner on.

What do you think of the correct outfit/shower order? Sound off in the comments!

h/t Twitter/BuzzFeed News