Diner’s $16,000 Tip Leads To Online Backlash, Because Of Course It Does

What’s the biggest tip you ever got waiting tables? I think I got like $100 on a $25 tab once, but I also was a pretty crappy server, so I’m not bitter. Would have been nice to get something in the $1000+ range, just like this server did though…

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A bar in New Hampshire was embroiled in heavy controversy after one of its customers left the staff a huge tip. Doesn’t sound like it would be a problem, right?


The customer entered The Stumble Inn Bar & Grill in Londonderry, N.H., on June 12 and ordered two chili dogs, a Coke, some fried pickles, a pint of Sam Adams, and Patron tequila. The tab totaled $37.93 and the man left a $16,000 tip.

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The bartender, Michelle McCudden, said to NBC10Boston, “For someone to do something like that really restored my faith in humanity.”

The owner, Mike Zarella, said,  “I thought it was a mistake. A typo.”

But the diner said nope, the tip was correct, and that he wanted to help people who had been hurt by the pandemic.

The bar pools their tips and given the circumstances, the staff split the tip with the four cooks and the front-of-house staff. They did not include management, so every employee made out with $1333.33.

Did the internet love this?

No! Because of course not.

People whined about the bar splitting the money between everyone working instead of the tip going to one server.

“Yeah you wouldn’t be splitting my tip. That’s why you don’t tip on cards but they had no choice really lmao,” wrote @okayserg.

Another Twitter user chimed in, “This was a good tip for the service rendered to him, not to the restaurant. We work hard to please our customers and then to do this to her is unreal. Did all pay taxes on it?”

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Others blamed the owner, despite the story being very clear that they all agreed on the split. “So he unilaterally decided to steal $16,000 from the server who received the tip. Is that even legal?” asked @Fly_Sistah.

“Owners all of the sudden know how to handle proper and fair wages when it comes to somebody else money huh?” wrote in @mot427.

McCudden and the staff told Boston News anchor Amaka Ubaka that the entire team agreed on splitting the tip.


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