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Don Jr. Roasted For Comparing Biden’s Win To Scar From “The Lion King” Taking Over Pride Rock

Donald Trump’s kids are currently in full self-pity mode now that their dad is out of the White House and on his way to obscurity.

This is perhaps most true about Donald Trump Jr., who made a highly dramatic analogy in an Instagram story Tuesday Night.

Donald Trump Jr./Instagram

On Instagram, Don Jr. actually compared Joe Biden to Scar from the classic Disney film The Lion King.

“Remember in the Lion King when Scar cheated to win the title as king?” he asked. “And the pride land was overrun by the hyenas? And all of the lions lost everything they had built and maintained? Just asking. No reason.”
As screenshots of the Instagram story spread, people were quick to realize that if Joe Biden is Scar, that would make Donald Trump Mufasa…

And if Donald Trump is Mufasa, then Don Jr. is clearly thinking of himself as Simba right now.

This does not bode well for the many Americans (and people abroad) who would rather never see another Trump touch politics ever again.

Of course, the analogy falls apart when you consider the fact that Joe Biden won in a legal election rather than sending a stampeding herd after Don Jr. so that he could cover up the murder of his dad. 

And that’s not the only way people have thought of to compare Trump’s presidency to Scar’s reign.

“The idea that the lions ‘built and maintained’ the pride lands is a hilarious insight into the conservative mindset for a group of royals born into their position they do nothing to earn but consume others lower on the food chain,” noted one commenter.     In addition to the now-deleted Instagram story, Don Jr. and the rest of the Trump kids showed their grief over their dad losing his place of power by crying at his sendoff on Wednesday morning. This, of course, prompted more mockery from people who spent the last four years with multiple real reasons to shed tears.