This Dude Proposed By “Hacking” His Girlfriend’s Favorite Disney Movie, “Sleeping Beauty”

Here’s a message for men all over the world: Anything romantic that you’ve ever done is now canceled, and here’s why: A filmmaker, Lee Loechler, took his girlfriend, Sthuthi David, to see her favorite movie Sleeping Beauty, And at the theatre, he proposed.

Okay, cool, that’s cute, you’re probably thinking. But wait, there’s more:

Loechler got his friend, a film animator named Kayla Coombs, to “hack” the film and re-animate it to make the characters look just like Lee and Sthuthi. It took Kayla six months to do the work!

In the reanimation, the “Prince” (who looks like Lee) kisses Sleeping Beauty (who looks like Sthuthi) and then opens a ring box — which the on-screen Prince then proceeds to throw THROUGH the screen at Lee, who catches it IN REALITY…and proposes.

Here’s the entire thing caught on video. Note Sthuthi’s super confused look—and her joyous surprise. 

Oh, and because she’s a cardiologist, he used heart terms to describe just how much he loved her: “I love you with all of my heart–all of its ventricles, atriums, and valves.”

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The most amazing thing? The whole theatre, which was booked as a special screening, was filled with her family and friends, which Sthuthi didn’t notice. How did he pull this genius off?!

Adorably, he also created an alternate ending in which she said no (but how could she?!), which made everyone laugh. Obviously, though, she said yes.

Of course, people loved the proposal, even if it’s causing dudes all over the world to question their own proposal ideas. If you’re not reanimating a Disney film, who even are you?

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