20 Early 2000s Tweets That’ll Make You Wish Twitter Existed In 2003

It feels like Twitter has been around forever at this point, but it wasn’t actually founded until 2006, and didn’t achieve big-time popularity until a few years later. It’s hard to remember that there was a time, not so very long ago, when we weren’t all completely addicted to our phones and on social media 24/7. But we’re definitely making up for lost time now.

We did, of course, have the internet in the 2000s, and all the fun stuff that went along with it, like illegally downloading music from Limewire and Kazaa, and tons of weird sites with highly questionable content. Fashion was all over the place, as it tends to be, but always fun. (I personally spent the 2000s trying to grow back the eyebrows I’d completely plucked out in the 90s.) Sunday nights were all about The Sopranos and it seemed like everyone was talking about Lord of the Rings constantly. The Rugrats were everywhere and emo was a thing.

And remember this bad boy?

(The best part is the person yelling in the background, “Who pushed the fish?!”)

So take yourself back to the land of the aughts and check out these tweets that should have existed like 15 years ago.