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“The World Is Closed”—Photos Show Usually Bustling Places Completely Empty (30 Pics)

Every day of the coronavirus pandemic feels more or less the same as we all settle into our quarantine routines and keep social distancing as best we can while burning through every Netflix show imaginable (hello Tiger King). But things have changed and continue to change in enormous ways around the world.

One striking result of the lockdown are the images of empty public squares all around the world. Normally teeming with human activity, these nerve centers are now deserted as everyone remains indoors.

The changes are so global and widespread that they’ve even spawned their own page on Reddit called r/WorldIsClosed that catalogues these desolate images.

It’s a little eerie but on the plus side, Times Square has never been cleaner.


Bourbon Street, New Orleans from r/WorldIsClosed


Rio de Janeiro from r/WorldIsClosed


Luna Park, Tel Aviv from r/WorldIsClosed


Downtown Miami from r/WorldIsClosed


Chinatown in London from r/WorldIsClosed


Ghost Town Chicago – Sunday 11:30 AM. from r/WorldIsClosed


Arc de Triomphe, Paris from r/WorldIsClosed


Covent Garden, for real this time from r/WorldIsClosed


Wuhan from r/WorldIsClosed


Times Square at 7pm on 4/9/2020. Somehow, I’m beginning to miss the tourists. from r/WorldIsClosed