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Arizona Man Accused Of Faking His Own Kidnapping To Get Out Of Work

Look, we’ve all worked jobs that have not been thrilling. They might have even been downright toxic work environments.

And even if you do have a job you like, there are some days you wake up and just do not want to go. You could call out sick…

Or you could, like one man, fake your own kidnapping.

According to the Associated Press, 19-year-old Brandon Soules falsely reported that he was kidnapped to get out of work.

Coolidge, Arizona police responded to a call on Feb. 10th about a “male subject whose hands were bound behind his back with a belt and had a bandana stuffed in his mouth,” according to the police report.

Coolidge Police Department

Soules told the police that he was hit in the head by two masked men, which caused him to lose consciousness. Then, he said that the kidnappers drove him around and dropped him off at a water tower. Why would anyone do this? Soules claimed that he was targeted because his father had hidden large sums of money around town.

If this all sounds fishy to you, you are not alone. The police investigated Soules’ claims but found no evidence. Furthermore, they even checked surveillance video and found nothing to support the story.

Soules was eventually arrested for filing a false police report. He confessed that he made the whole story up as an excuse to get out of work at The Tire Factory. Obviously, he has since been fired from his job. And he also had to pay a $550 fine.

Next time, just say you’ve got explosive diarrhea. No one will even ask.

Featured image: Coolidge Police Department via AP