You Know You’ve Got Good Halloween Decorations When The Police Show Up (3 Pics)

Going trick or treating is mostly about the candy, but there’s an added bonus seeing some awesome decorative setups, and the best houses are the ones that go all out on Halloween, like this one:

Dallas resident Steven Novak is one of those kinds of people. Except Novak gets so far into the Halloween spirit that the local police sergeant keeps sending the cops to his home. 


See, Novak’s setup is a little less “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and a little more “American Horror Story.” The artist always has something up his sleeve and explained his inspiration behind the gory scene in front of his house.

“I’ve always been up to hijinks like flying ghosts or 7-foot tall snow sculptures of myself, so if I was gonna do Halloween, it was obvious that it should be hyperreal,” Novak told The Dallas Observer. “No lights, fog machine, or camp … something that would really freak people out walking by in the dark. So I whipped up some dummies and slung 20 gallons of blood all over.”

According to Novak, he’s received positive comments from the neighbors, who think the bloody scene is cool. It’s the police who need to chill. 

“[The police] were in formation at the door and when I opened it they asked me if it was all mine. I asked, ‘You mean the blood and the bodies? Yeah, that’s me.”

It looks like the police just have to deal with it because Novak is too busy having a blast with his creation. 

“I’m most proud of the wheelbarrow tipped over by the street full of Hefty bags, looking like a failed attempt to dispose of the dismembered bodies in the middle of the night.” Novak says. “A kid walked by and asked me what happened to them; I said they ate too many Skittles.”

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