YouTuber ImJayStation Faked His Girlfriend’s Death To Get Views, Now People Want Him Banned

YouTube can be a wonderful, supportive, connecting place for great people (see: NikkieTutorials). But it can also play home to some wretched, narcissistic personalities (see: Logan Paul). Sadly, we’ve got yet another dark YouTube story to tell you—and it’s just as horrible as Paul’s suicide forest atrocity.

This time, it’s ImJayStation, aka Jason Ethier, a YouTuber who lied about the death of his girlfriend and published a tearful video announcing that she’d perished in a car crash.

This is the same YouTuber who exploited Mac Miller’s death by summoning his ghost. This is the guy who tried to Ouija chat with rapper XXXTentacion after his death. He’s known for being super insulting and generally very terrible in a bid to rack up more subscribers.

via ImJayStation/YouTube

Ethier told the world that his girlfriend, Alexia Marano, died in order to get clicks and to promote a shared channel he said they’d be making videos for. 

Ethier went onto his YouTube channel and released a video saying Marano had been in a fatal car accident. The video was shared with his 5.4 million subscribers. He also faked a memorial plot for her. 

The YouTuber then went on to share another video this past Sunday admitting that he actually lied and had lied in order to get more views to his page. He also said that Marano is trying to “ruin his life” and had tried to get him arrested. There’s no evidence in that regard. Oh, and the original video was demonetized, thankfully. Ethier said his girlfriend was cool with the stunt, but who knows. In an emotional video she later made, people said she was lying too

“I thought of the idea of faking Alexia’s death and then doing a thing on YouTube thanking everyone and explaining to everyone it was just to gain traction,” ImJayStation said in his video. He also played the woe-is-me card by writing a comment on his own video: “I fell in love with this girl, I tried helping her become famous on youtube, she left me without notice, and tried to ruin my life.”


YIKES. Here’s what people have to say about this clown. Hint: It’s nothing nice.

Some people wished that his channel would die—and for REAL.

People remembered just how icky Ethier has been before all this:

Remember: This is a dude who made a “gay potion.” 

Many were worried that Ethier would make a Kobe Bryant video — and they were clear that this would be off-limits.

…to which he said, like a feelingless robot, he wouldn’t:

Most people just want him banned:

Considering how uptight YouTube can be about pretty much anything, it’s strange they haven’t banned ImJayStation or other controversial YouTubers like Logan Paul.

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