30 Of The Most Interesting Things People Have Found At The Beach

You never know what you’re going to find at the beach. It’s constantly being replenished with treasures by the tides like God refreshing the front page of his own personal Reddit, but also there’s a bunch of trash and some fat guy eating Subway on a towel. It’s an interesting place.

You can find rare coins, ancient fossils, or maybe just a really cool rock. If you have the chance to go to the beach, take it. Adventure awaits, but don’t venture too far out into the water. There be monsters.

1. Right in the feels. 

2. Frank Loyd Wright out here making sandcastles.

3. Concentric circles made by dried seaweed as it was rotated by the wind.

4. Everyone stop looking. The perfect rock was found.

5. Guy decided to clean up his local beach and found a $50 note. Karma is only a bitch if you’re an asshole. 

6. An actual real-life message in a bottle.

7. A Pyrite Fossil (Ammonite)

8. Wholesome clam graffiti.

9. Architecture rocks. 

10. This took some time.

11. Unexpected find. 

12. Someone call Guillermo Del Toro.

13. Straight chillin’.

14. Glacial ice.

15. Smile Soda bottle from 1922. Ribbed for her pleasure.

16. A world within a world. 

17. Commonly Found Garbage And How Long It Takes For It To Decompose. This should be at every beach.

18. Sandcastle level: 1000

19. That’s-a-lotta calamari. 

20. Who knew these even existed? 

21. A kilo of cocaine. Only in Florida. 

22. This baby octopus will one day have a 14ft wingspan.

23. Is Jesus the dog or the bird?

24. A rock in a rock with rocks.

25. No this is Patrick.

26. Section of a whale’s spine. My metal af detector is going off.

27. After only 6 hours of looking for shark teeth.

28. An entire watch repair kit survives the test of time.

29. A stack of pianos, of course.

30. “Uh, little help?”

h/t: BoredPanda