James Charles Tweeted His Own Nude After Being Hacked And It Turned Into A Meme

It used to be that if a celebrity got hacked, they’d have to either pay up to protect their privacy or weather the storm of public embarrassment. The new trend these days is leaking your own nudes, because we all have bodies so who cares? It’s completely understandable if celebrities (or anyone) don’t want their private parts or sex lives on display, but for some, it feels like it’s a better gamble to share revealing photos from their own account.

Makeup maven James Charles falls into the latter category. Charles was recently hacked on Twitter, and tweets started going up that said stuff like “My c*ck is throbbing Lmao,” “I like to f**k cats w Shane Dawson.” Very mature computer folk out there.

James Charles’ response was to leak his own nude.

On Saturday, Charles gained control of his account back and posted a photo of his bare ass, writing, “hi I got my account back just case I ever get hacked again, here’s the ONLY nude I’ve ever taken! can’t threaten me with it now get a life.”


Guess there was some stuff happening behind the scenes as well—either that or James Charles has been itching to share this picture. He does have a nice butt!

It seems like everyone is itching to share butt pictures, because people quickly started using Charles’s caption to announce the release of their own butts:



Some people were pretty critical of his decision to share his butt in the first place, implying they didn’t start following him on Twitter to see that crack:



His nude silhouette also got the green screen treatment, so now all your favorite artists can dance inside James Charles’ butt:



Charles seems chill with the fact that his ass has become a meme:

And shared one of his favorite butt edits:

It’s funny because it’s true.