Ripped Nerd Joe Manganiello Claps Back At Meathead Jock For Dungeons And Dragons Tweet

Joe Manganiello is not here for your macho bullshit. 

Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello got wind of professional wrestler Maxwell Jacob Friedman posting some toxic sludge implying that dudes with muscles don’t or can’t or shouldn’t exercise their creative, world-building, problem-solving sides by playing Dungeons & Dragons.

“I don’t play dungeons and dragons,” Friedman wrote while flexing in front of a mirror and wearing large, noise-canceling headphones. 

Manganiello took him right out with yesterday’s trash, posting a picture of himself gracing the cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine with a simple, affirmative “I do…” 

BAM. It’s like Manganiello rolled a natural twenty. But Friedman wouldn’t even know what that is because, I don’t know, he lives on protein powder and strict codes of outmoded masculinity. Who hurt you, Maxwell? 

Other Dungeons & Dragons players came out of the enchanted forest (I SAY THIS WITH LOVE) to show Friedman that he definitely should not mess with gamers. 

Joe Manganiello is a long-time Dungeons & Dragons player and advocate. He even has a special room in his home dedicated to playing Dungeons & Dragons campaigns—and he hosts tons of pretty high profile people there. 

“Growing up in the 80s, anything that didn’t look like it belonged on a yacht party was considered satanic or weird. For some reason, it was socially acceptable to just completely crap on people who played Dungeons & Dragons. You could get into fights; kids would gang up on you because of it. You never wanted to say that you played that game; it just wasn’t cool,” Manganiello wrote in a 2018 personal essay about his love for the game. 

“I’m glad that the stigma’s been erased, and I have consciously tried to play a part in that by being open that I love the game and I have fun playing it.” 

Maybe someone should get that message to Friedman. Or invite him to a game?

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