Man Discovers Flowers He Thought Were For Him Were Definitely For Someone Else

Starting a new job can be a confusing experience. You’re getting used to the surroundings and learning all the faces and names of your co-workers, as well as experiencing the general nervousness that goes along with working someplace new and wanting to make the best possible first impression. Which is why what happened to Twitter user John Qui Qui on his first day at a new job is totally understandable.

In October of 2018, John started a new job (his Twitter bio says he works in digital advertising). He posted a tweet displaying the gorgeous flowers he’d found on his desk and assumed were from his colleagues to welcome him on his first day. Along with the picture, John wrote: “first day feels.” Awww.

John tweeted that he’d asked his new manager, who is also a photographer, to take the pictures that he ended up tweeting.

It wasn’t until five months later that John learned that the flowers were never actually meant for him at all. In all caps, he tweeted, “I found out these flowers were misplaced on my desk and supposed to be for someone going on maternity leave because they don’t give flowers to new hires but they saw me taking pics with them and felt too bad to take them away. I’m caaaackling.”

John later tweeted again, pointing out that nope, the flowers were also NOT for the person going on maternity leave; they were for someone else altogether.

Part of the confusion seemed to stem from the fact that John did receive a first day welcome box from the job.

People on Twitter found the whole thing absolutely hilarious, and of course entirely relatable. Some people shared similar things that had happened to them.

Other people mentioned John’s very high level of confidence, asking for the photos in the first place.

Well, when you look like a model, maybe things are easier in general.

h/t: Metro