Man’s Story About Running Into His Ex At Church—With The Wife And Kids He Kept Secret—Goes Viral

Merry Christmas to Dan, who was at church when he had a run-in with an ex.

This was not just an ordinary awkward ex run-in. Oh no. Not for Dan. This ex was at church with his wife and kids that Dan had no idea about.

Who do you think was having a better time? Dan or doting dad?

Things got so much worse for Dan, but so much better for Twitter, when dad showed up in his DMs.

And dad showed us once again that communication is not his strong suit.

And, through Instagram, admitted he was in love with Dan and would leave it all for him. Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow.

message from ex

Then, in one of the greatest twists in modern literature, the dad found Dan’s tweets. He didn’t like them.

And you’d think, you would think if this man knew his messages were going out into the world he’d think twice before hitting send, right? Right??

Dan then took the opportunity to confront the dad, and hang on for this ride.

Then dad got angered and we thought we’d heard the last of him.

Nope, he’s back.

Twitter held onto every moment and Dan became the gift we needed this Christmas.

Someone pointed out the beautiful irony of it all.

Let’s give Dan the Christmas he deserves next year.

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