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Women Are Sharing The “Funniest” Cheating Excuses They Got From Their (Now Ex) Boyfriends

People cheat all the time—and frankly, there’s no good excuse for it. It doesn’t even help when they’re funny cheating excuses! You can blame society’s wildly moralistic nature, years of childhood trauma, or the fact that your partner is plain ol’ boring — but most of the time it actually just boils down to you being a selfish jerk.

But whatever you’re gonna blame your nasty cheating ways on, it’d better be good. And by good, we mean so ridiculous and stupid it ends up being roasted on Twitter. 

Judging by one thread based off of a tweet which posed the question, “What’s the funniest excuse for cheating someone has given you?” there are a LOT of morons out there. A lot of cheaters offer up seriously lame — but creative! — excuses to their partners (presumably their ex’s, now) regarding their cheating ways. From people blaming their own partners for not keeping a better “check” on them to claiming God told them it was their destiny (DESTINY, you guys) to cheat, people have come up with all sorts of bonkers “reasons” for their infidelity.

Major kudos to the loser who told their ex that Satan had a hold on them and had used his body and mind to have sex with someone else. Cool story, bro!

The only real silver lining here is that, after all the pain and sorrow that cheating causes, there’s now an eternal digital thread dedicated to making fun of all these idiots. And hey — if you’ve been cheated on, why not add your name to the list and let the rest of the Internet troll and insult them?