In “Idiocracy” Moment, Sen. Rubio Misspells “Martial Law” And Gets Dunked On (21 Tweets)

There’s nothing like a global crisis to reveal the quality of the world’s leaders (or lack thereof) and the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic currently roiling the world has done just that. 

Not only does it seem like letting a reality TV host and mail-order-steak salesman named Donald Trump run the most powerful country in the world may have been a bad idea, but there are other smaller players in our political ecosystem who are revealing their cravenness, ignorance, and gullibility one by one.

Today’s idiot is Florida senator Marco Rubio (AKA Liddle Marco) who tweeted about coronavirus response measures but tragically misspelled the very concept he was trying to reassure the public about. It’s “martial law” as in “military” and has nothing to do with some dude named Marshall or a department store where you can buy fitted sheets.

Tragically for Sen. Marco Rubio, he misspelled “martial law” twice, strongly suggesting that this is how an actual United States senator actually thinks it’s spelled.

Since everyone is at home anxious, bored, and hovering over their Twitter accounts, the roasts and responses to Rubio’s flub came quick.