Mesmerizing Garlic-Peeling Hack Takes Over Twitter, But Does It Actually Work?

Every so often, the Internet blesses us with a seemingly-miraculous life hack that forces us to beg the question: “Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?” For example, that hack for getting wrinkles out of your sneakers using nothing more than a pair of old socks, a towel, an iron, and some hot water. Or the hack where you place your phone inside of a clear baggy and hang it off the tray in the airplane seat in front of you. Or, that hack that went viral a few months ago that proved we’ve all been eating pineapple wrong our entire lives. (Mango, too.)

The hack du jour teaches viewers how to peel a head of garlic almost instantaneously using a thick paring knife and…I don’t know, a little razzmatazz? A video recently uploaded to Twitter by user Valentina Pestilenez demonstrates the process, which is really just sticking a knife into the top of each clove and whipping it from the stem all lickety-split. Somehow, all those pesky flakes stay away.

“As someone who makes a lot of Korean food, this is the best method for getting garlic peeled,” she captioned her video, which has already garnered over 405,000 likes, 19 million views, and nearly 10,000 replies. One of these replies was from the Mayor of Twitter herself, supermodel and chef Chrissy Teigen who summed it up perfectly when tweeted in reply: “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT.”

Apparently, this is one of those ‘hacks’ that is actually easy and possible, unlike a number of similar ones that are actually somehow impossible IRL.

…Though some cooks are having far less success with this garlic hack than others.

Including someone (but who??? Not Alton. Definitely not Alton) at the Food Network.

It seems as though the garlic does have to be prepped in some way first (like peeling the top layer?), and a *very* sharp and somewhat wide knife is necessary, and a particular wrist motion must be employed, and that this is not something you should attempt if you feel like you might slice your hand open on accident.

In the meantime,  people’s minds continue to explode.

We reserve judgement as to the efficacy of this ‘hack’ until the Twitter Mayor herself tests it out.