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Gynecologist Goes Viral For Asking Women To Redesign His Office—And He Got Plenty Of Tips (16 Tweets)

Dr. Ryan Stewart is a urogynecologist in Indiana at the Midwest Center for Pelvic Health. He recently asked Twitter for the things they would change when visiting their gynecologist’s office.

@stuboo / Twitter

The thread went viral and Dr. Stewart has over 3,000 replies helping him design his new office. We found the best of the best answers — and believe you me, I nodded along to each one.

1. Represent

@stepht93 / Twitter

2. TVs

@stillSTH / Twitter

3. Piiiiink

@girlgeek_rva / Twitter

4. Paper Gown

@thenotoriousMDB / Twitter

5. Done changing

@mgbrock / Twitter

6. BMI

@molliekatie / Twitter

7. It’s cold


8. Face away!

@lunaphoenixAK / Twitter

9. Speculum size

@mvasquez_owner / Twitter

10. Painkillers

@eschatomaton / Twitter

11. Consider

12. Out of earshot

13. Screen for abuse

14. Overwhelming

15. Let us dress

16. Handicap Friendly